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What was the name of PAX before it was released?

You can win a package of PAX + Pergamemnon along with the new PAX/Pergamemnon Expansion and one copy of Porto Carthago.
There is no right of appeal. Both rewards will be reffled between all correct answers.
Send the mail to: games@irongames.de
Entry deadline is November 15th 2012.

And the winners are...

A Porto Carthago goes to Alexander Hein from Karlsruhe.
The Pax + Pergamemnon + Expansion for both games goes to Günter Lösch from Großinzemoos.

The winners of the 10 Peloponnes goodies know that they made it.

Many thanks for the huge amount of correct answers!


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Bernd Eisenstein -PAX - Pergamemnon - Expasnion - Irongames
Infos PAX Expansion
Infos Pergamemnon

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